Semalt Reveals The Secrets To Keeping Up With Large Companies By The Aid Of SEO

When it comes to organic search engine traffic you'll notice that google favours the big brands. These brands spend tens of thousands of dollars without batting an eyelid. The same cannot be said of small businesses: they are spread thin on budget and staff. Nonetheless, they (small businesses) can get a piece of the cake in organic sales leads on Google too.

The Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, Nik Chaykovskiy shares the secrets to reaching top rankings in search engine, that will help you to compete with large-scale companies.

#1: Take inventory of your SEO assets

If you've been in business for a while (and own a domain going back to the early 2000s or even the 90s) then you're sitting on a gold mine. Don't be tempted to forgo the old domain in favor of a URL or SEO tactic. It may backfire. Believe it or not, Google gives preference to old domains as it shows that a business is stable and reliable. Use Google Analytics to identify infrequent exit pages, pages viewed for 3 minutes or longer, pages and blogs with a lot of organic traffic. As that's it, these are valuable for your web visitors so they make you good initial SEO target.

#2: Get your website in shape

Before you start spending money on your SEO campaign, make sure that your website connects with Google in the right way. Google Webmaster Tools come in handy here. They'll help you identify what has to be fixed.

#3: Define a long-tail-keyword strategy

Don't try to compete with big brands on high volume keywords. You will lose. Instead, try long-tail keywords (longer phrases which have a high probability of conversion). Don't mind that the raw traffic numbers are lower compared to what the 'big' keywords deliver, you stand a greater chance of converting your traffic into sales. Stay relevant. Use inbound links to direct traffic into webpages with great conversion elements. Here, make offers that your visitors can't resist or fill out a form and place an order. It will work magic.

#4: Build SEO campaign about content marketing

There is one area where small brands can beat the giants – content marketing. Producing high quality off site content is a task which the big brands usually delegate. When you write about your business, the content will obviously be authoritative and this is something that blogs and other websites in your niche love. Don't be surprised if they add inbound links (to your website) thereby boosting your traffic.

Plan and schedule time for creating posts that resonate with your target market. Pitch your ideas and you very likely you will generate the interest. Make sure that you included active links that redirect traffic to your website. With time, Google will recognize your effort and reward you with greater visibility.

Writing great content and pitching it takes time but the efforts are worth the time spent. In the meantime, make sure that your website is well optimized. Optimization is not only good for SEO but also helps to please your prospective and current clients. For example, fast loading webpages and navigable pages will reduce the bounce rate. Maintain good SEO practices rather than create a website and keep it existing.

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